Reverse Behavioural Hybrid Segmentation

Optimising behavioural segments with both data and research.

Behavioural segmentations are good at understanding what is going on and attitudinal segmentations why it is happening. However they are rarely joined up. Our reverse hybrid segmentation brings these two types together and gives you a single operationally actionable segmentation.

Realise Unlimited work with our sister company Walnut Unlimited to achieve this. We start with behavioural data and then carry out bespoke research linked to different customer types. This allows us to be able to bring together the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

We then work with you to understand how the segmentation is to be used and the best way of combining the data in the segmentation build to ensure it best supports actionable insight.

What your business might be facing…

Our Solution...


The business has hypotheses around customer behaviour which defines the variables used in the segmentation.


An unsupervised behavioural segmentation is created and segments are aligned to the business hypotheses.


Considering all the variables for your scenario, segments can be reviewed iteratively to realise the best approach for each group.


Differentiated actions and marketing can be implemented based on findings from each possible scenario with a truer understanding of each segment's behaviour.


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