Remote Analytics Leadership

Analytical Leadership when you need it most

More and more organisations are looking to use data to drive better business decisions. However businesses with only small analytics teams may face some challenges.

Organisations often have a breadth and depth of analytical needs but only a small analytics team. Can one or two individuals be experts in the wide variety of tools, methodologies, languages and business areas whilst also providing a strategic vision for the data and analytics function?

Are you expecting too much of your analysts?

What your analysts might be facing…

What your business might be facing…

Remote Experts

You and your analyst will have virtual access through email, Teams, etc. to a bank of experts across Realise Unlimited to answer your query.
  • QA analysis and/or code
  • Answer specific problems
  • Access to best practice guidelines and white papers
  • The expert responding will depend on the problem raised
  • 24 hour turn around

Remote Team Lead

You and your analyst will have virtual access to a dedicated team lead to provide support and leadership. They will tap into the wider experts if necessary.
  • Dedicated team lead
  • Use as much or as little support as you need according to your budget
  • Access to best practice and white papers

On-Site Team Lead

Team lead who can work on site or remotely as required (post COVID-19). This can be as little as a couple of days a month.
  • Resource that becomes part of your team
  • Increase support during key planning periods
  • Prioritisation of support vs budget to ensure ROI
  • Up and running within days


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