Data Mobilisation

Is your data locked away in legacy disconnected systems?

Often your marketing strategy is dependent on a step change in your customer knowledge. This in turn may be reliant on data that is locked away in disparate legacy systems. Discussions with internal IT have stalled. Their resource availability does not align to your required timings.

Ideally you want a solution that can be up and running quickly; deliver immediate benefit but also aligns to the strategic IT roadmap.

We can help access your data and unlock its potential whilst aligning with strategic IT guidelines.

What your business might be facing…

Our Solutions...

Database Build

Bring data from disparate sources into a single datamart to support marketing, digital, reporting or analytics.

Single Customer View

Consolidate customer data from multiple sources to get a 360 degree de-duped view of your customer base. Define and build appropriate customer metrics to better understand and monitor customer performance.

Data Visualisation

Create management information reporting enabling better visualisation and understanding of how your business is performing and what the key drivers are.

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