Strategic Change and Capability Assessment

Is your analytics function ready to help you tackle your business challenges?

A good analytics function can be a huge asset to a business – informing decision making and strategy. However, what if the business feels it could be getting more support?

The team may not necessarily be underperforming (although sometimes it may be the case) but it may more be a question of “can we get more/ what next”? How do you get the best out of the team in the areas that are important to the business? Do you need to invest? Recruit? Or just put in place better ways of working?

We are experts at ensuring your analytics function grows with your business needs.

What your business might be facing…

Our Solutions...

Step 1: Discover

Understand what capability the current function has aligned to the business priorities.
  • Hold a series of business stakeholder interviews to understand the business context and expectations of the analytics function
  • Meet with the current team to better understand how they currently work and their view of what needs to change/improve and how
  • Undertake a thorough audit of:
    • Current ways of working
    • Analytics related systems
    • Data availability, completeness and cleanliness
    • Skills and resource
    • Quality of deliverable
    • Knowledge/tools including: Current models and segmentations
    • Reporting
    • Produce a gap analysis of capability vs business need

Step 2: Triage

Define a roadmap of improvement with a focus on achieving results quickly.
  • Review the gap analysis and generate a swimlane roadmap aligned to business need
  • Prioritisation considers:
    • Importance/business value
    • Speed and cost
    • Dependencies and risks
    • Alternative short term solutions to achieve quick wins

Step 3: Resolve

Support in the delivery of the improvement roadmap with the aim of leaving your team self sufficient.
  • RFI/RFP management
  • Team training and mentoring
  • Provision of temporary management and team resource
  • Roadmap delivery/project management
  • Project delivery

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