Data Driven Decision Making

Make the most of your data

Data can and should inform most of the decisions a leading brand makes. But many teams struggle to harness vast amounts of data or drill down to a granular level.

The ability to be able to use data to predict the impact on customer behaviour or sales performance based on a business decision or strategy removes the guesswork from decision making. It enables businesses to have more confidence to back an investment or change in business strategy.

We are experts at getting the most out of data and leading you to a successful outcome.

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Churn Modelling

Use machine learning to predict how likely a customer is to leave your business.
  • Monitoring churn through management information reports often means it is too late to save a customer
  • We need to predict who is likely to churn in the future whilst they are still engaged enough to implement a save action
  • There are often early warning signs of disengagement e.g. a reduction in browse behaviour that need to be reacted to as soon as they happen.
  • Accurate and timely churn modelling can dramatically improve your save rates and maintain revenue performance

Next Best Action

Determine what the right next action is for each individual customer.
  • A lot of targeting models only focus on how to get the best out of a specific campaign
  • This can mean that a customer receives too many messages and the key ones get lost in the noise
  • We need to better understand what message or messages is most likely to engage the customer and when
  • This can be a complex combination of targeting models, contact rules and customer journey modelling

LifeTime Value Modelling

Understand the true historic value of your customers and predict their future value.
  • Do you truly know how valuable each of your customers are?
  • Have you allowed for all related costs including cost to serve, marketing, central costs?
  • If you could predict a customer s future value would that affect your decisioning as to which customers are important and why?
  • Being about to model the impact of business/marketing decisions on future customer value enables you to assess success over the longer term not just the duration of a campaign or offer. It is a highly valuable decisioning tool

Advertising Products

Improve ad targeting by understanding who you are serving content to.
  • Serving content to viewers or browsers online is often done anonymously as the customer has not had to login
  • Browse and viewing behaviour is used to model anonymous consumers against a known base to understand their likely profile
  • Profiles can be built around demographics and/or behaviours

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