Customer/Loyalty Health Check

Do you fully understand how your business strategy will impact on the long term performance of your customer base?

Many businesses have become more customer centric – recognising the benefit of building strategies that align to the needs of their target audience.

However, your customer base is complex with changing and evolving needs across the lifetime of each different customer type. Understanding how different strategies might impact long term performance is challenging but critical to ensuring success. For example, solving an acquisition problem now may lead to a churn problem in the future if you acquire the wrong sort of customers.

Identifying and leveraging emerging trends, new revenue opportunities and shifting touchpoints is more important than ever – both to re-engage customers and build momentum into peak trading periods.

We can model how your customer strategy (or loyalty scheme) will perform over the longer term.

What your business might be facing…

Our Solutions...

We utilise deep dive analytics and data science to test hypotheses; identify revenue opportunities and scenario plan with a focus on sustainable benefits.


Hold a series of stakeholder workshops to understand your current customer strategy; how this has/will shift in the future and the concerns/questions the business wishes to explore.


Undertake a deep-dive into current performance and associated levers across different customer types. Depending on the requirement this may include market research, predictive modelling or neuroscience.


Build a decision support test framework that brings together the outputs from ‘Investigate’ to enable the impact on the customer of different scenarios to be assessed.

Advertising Products

Work with cross functional teams to build the business case for formulating the ‘change plan’ which may include redesigning the loyalty scheme; a shift in acquisition strategy or development of a new product.

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